Buying Antique Jewellery



While we offer the full range of antique, modern and bespoke jewellery, we have a big soft spot for our antique pieces.  We travel overseas to source our antique stock, using the network of contacts we have built up over the years.  The hunt is exciting and bringing these pieces back to Australia to offer to our discerning local customers, particularly rewarding.  We are one of the few antique jewellery shops operating in Perth, Western Australia.  Of course, we have an Australia-wide and  world-wide audience as well as a client base through our website and through our regular customers.


Each piece has its own history, most of the time unknown to us unless it has come with some provenance.  But we build on its history by remembering where we bought it, what we had to do to secure the piece (intense haggling, buying the must-have piece regardless of the price, the personality of the seller etc). Then of course our customer who purchases the piece starts to build their own history based on the occasion for which it is being purchased, and the many years of pleasure it will bring, and we hope the positive interaction they have received when dealing with us!


The fact that antique pieces are generally hand-made, usually means properly made, and if well looked after, stand the test of time.  Depending on what they are made of and how they have been worn, they can have some fragility.  As we get older, we too get a few wrinkles!  For example, small pearls may fall out over years of wear or if they are knocked in the wrong place, the claws around a diamond will get worn, bands wear down when sitting next to an engagement ring for 50 years.  Jewellers like us, having years of experience with antique pieces, can restore, repair and where necessary, recreate old pieces.  We can locate old cut diamonds if one is lost, we can return a piece to its former glory where practical, and we can remake a treasured heirloom that is no longer fit for purpose.

So, like a vintage car, enjoy your antique pieces to the max, and look after them with care.


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